Hello, my name is Jim and I am married with a family. I have been an accountant for most of my career. I have always been interested in information technology, including studying to become a computer support technician. This is my first class studying web development. So far, I have really enjoyed the creative aspect of website development using a variety of different skills.

Career Goals

Currently, I plan to further my studies in web development including obtaining a certificate from Long Beach City College. In addition to studying HTML and CSS, I would like to also learn how to incorporate interactive aspects to a website by utilizing Javascript, and become familiar with server side functionality through utilizing applications such as PHP and SQL. Upon completion of my studies, my goal would be to become a full-stack web developer.



Listed below are 3 of the most important concepts I have learned so far:

First, identifying the necessary structural elements and how they are defind has helped me in constructing my website projects for the class. Second, understanding the box model of CSS formatting has been a challenge, but nonetheless has helped me to further my web development skills. Third, being able to visualize the design of the website and the ability to implement that design has also been a challenge to accomplish successfully.